Rethinking Capitalism School

Economics as if people and the environment matter. This two-day seminar covers the most pressing economic issues facing Australia today: inequality, insecurity, climate change, state capture, the federal budget and a campaign for a fairer and more sustainable economy, drawn from modern monetary theory and ecological economics. 

Job Guarantee

Everywhere you look there are opportunities to connect the untapped potential of people with the unmet needs of the community. A federally funded Job Guarantee returns Australia to full employment, giving everyone who wants it, access to meaningful, sustainable, fairly paid work. It also provides some – but not all – of the massive scale of effort we will need to combat climate change in the near future. Read our latest report here.

Modern Monetary Theory

“Deficits can be used for good or evil. They can enrich a small segment of the population, driving income and wealth inequality to new heights, while leaving millions behind. They can fund unjust wars that destabilise the world and cost millions their lives. Or they can be used to sustain life and build a more just economy that works for the many and not just the few.” – Professor Stephanie Kelton, Economist

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Past Talks

In January 2020 we held a conference to explore the elements of a Green New Deal for Australia, informed by the work of some of the world’s leading progressive economists. See our video archive here.

A webinar exploring how the pandemic is affecting women and men – especially at work – and the potential for bad politics and policy to turbo-charge inequality.

Deficits matter, but not in the way we’ve been told. Hear from leading US economist Professor Stephanie Kelton, in conversation with Steven Hail and Gabrielle Bond.

David Adelaide Podcast Festival

We chat with David Olney and Tim Whiffen from the Blind Insights podcast.

Phil Lawn

Dr Philip Lawn showcases a range of economic indicators that can guide the transition to sustainable prosperity for all.

Tasmanian Greens Leader Cassy O’Connor MP outlined the process of how a Job Guarantee can be raised in state parliament.

Our Vision

A thriving economy providing for the needs of the people and living within the means of the planet.

Our Mission

We are a grassroots group of activists campaigning for urgent climate action and better economic and social justice in Australia.

Our current objectives

A rapid and just transition to 100% renewable energy. This means:

– Net zero emissions by 2030
– No new fossil fuel projects, a planned phase out of current fossil fuels and an end to fossil fuel subsidies
– A planned phase out of current fossil fuel power generation
– A just transition and fair compensation for workers in fossil fuel and related industries

Reducing inequality and improving wellbeing for all Australians and especially those in need. This means:

– Providing meaningful work for all who want it through a federally funded Job Guarantee
– A post pandemic economic recovery focussed on local projects which create jobs and provide lasting benefits for our communities
– Recognition, treaty and a voice to parliament for First Nations peoples

We do this through:

– Learning from the experts and evidence based research
– Empowering our members with skills and support
– Promoting these policies through grassroots, local campaigns


A Message from the Future

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